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For clojure-lsp development, there are 3 possible ways of finding a bug or implementing a new feature:

  • Create a test for your bug/feature, then implement the code following the test (TDD).
  • clojure-lsp starts a NREPL server if built with clj -X:debug-jar && clj -X:bin, with that it's possible to change the code of a running instance and see the changes on your client in real time. To get the NREPL port, you can check the /tmp/clojure-lsp.*.out log, it will print the NREPL port on server startup or you can get it via clojure/serverInfo/log custom LSP method.
  • Build clojure-lsp with your changes and test it manually in your client, this is the slowest option, but it makes sense for final tests.
  • For debugging purposes, there is two custom LSP methods clojure/serverInfo/log and clojure/cursorInfo/log.

Last update: September 19, 2021