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  • Editor
  • Change call hierarchy to return selection range of usage, not function definition.
  • Return edits in codeAction/resolve responses rather than commands. #655


  • General
  • Add support for LSP method textDocument/prepareRename which it's the proper way to check if the rename will work correctly. #642
  • Expose new custom method clojure/cursorInfo/raw for custom hack on current cursor information code. #645
  • Support stub generation using clj-easy/stub, adding analysis and linting support for closed sources codes like Datomic. Check :stubs settings for more details. #637
  • Handle config deep merge differently for collections, concating instead of overwriting.
  • Fix unnecessary exception thrown on graal images during startup.
  • Support deps.edn :local/root source-paths discovery, improving support for monorepo projects like polylith. #652
  • New setting value for :clean :sort :require: :lexicographic. #654
  • Bump clj-kondo to 2021.10.20-20211126.151305-16.

  • Editor

  • Support completion on aliased keywords. #649
  • Add new Sort map keys refactoring code action. #651
  • Add new Create function code action, allowing to create a function on a existing namespace or creating a new namespace + the function. #646
  • Improve Extract function refactoring to consider comments above current function.
  • Experimental: new :linters :clj-kondo :async-custom-lint? setting, when true, scan unused-public-vars async improving lint/analysis UI feedback for huge buffers (> ~1000 lines). Default false.

This release was supported by Clojurists Together


  • General
  • Improve rename feature to not heavily rely on valid source-paths for most cases.
  • Fix setTrace exception logs for graalvm native images.
  • Huge improvements on namespaces renames and namespaces references find. #573
  • Fix/Remove warnings during datalevin access.
  • Improve freezing for some MacOS cases. #631
  • Bump clj-kondo to 2021.10.20-20211116.110002-7 improving code parsing and other fixes.

  • Editor

  • Fix "Add require" code actions adding multiple requires instead of the selected.
  • Improve "Add require" wording, making it easier to understand what each different action will do.
  • Smart check all available refers to require, adding refer options to Add require code actions. #627
  • Big improvements on keyword completions. #630
  • Add setting keep-parens-when-threading? to keep parens for single arity functions when threading. #636
  • Avoid adding duplicate requires when adding a new require via code action. #640
  • Improve common known snippets to replace completion items, improving completion UX. #638

This release was supported by Clojurists Together


  • General
  • Bump Graalvm from 21.2.0 to 21.3.0 improving binary performance/size
  • Fix wrong parse of code when code contains namespaced maps like #:foo{:bar 1}. This issue was affecting a lot of features for example code actions.
  • Bump datalevin from 0.5.26 to 0.5.27.
  • Improve semantic tokens for dynamic vars, function definitions, namespaced and aliased keywords.
  • Fix bug where :source-paths settings could be hot-reloaded with wrong-value.

  • Editor

  • Deprecates setting :show-docs-arity-on-same-line? in favor of :hover :arity-on-same-line?.
  • Add support to new LSP LinkedEditingRange feature. #341
  • Improve suggested Add require ... code actions, this should make clojure-lsp smarter when user wants to add a missing require. #614
  • Change :notify-references-on-file-change default from false to true, we had some performance improvements and I've been testing this for some time now and didn't see any new issues with that. This should improve a lot the UX when user change any code that is references on other files, updating the diagnostics for those files as well.
  • Improve rename feature UX to output errors when it's not possible rename.
  • Add support for window/showDocument LSP method, used on create-test command/code action after creating the test to show the test file.
  • Add new Unwind thread once and Unwind whole thread code actions to undo a thread call.
  • Improve code actions performance requesting async all actions.
  • Add new LSP custom method clojure/clojuredocs/raw which takes a symbol and a namespace (both strings) and returns any Clojuredocs entry found, otherwise null.
  • Fix missing keywords rename/references for destructured keywords.

  • CLI

  • Show error/warning message when a classpath scan fail during analysis. Fixes #626
  • Add coloring to diagnostics output matching diagnostic severity.

This release was supported by Clojurists Together


  • Editor
  • Hot fix clojuredocs on graalvm native image.
  • Bump clj-kondo to 2021.10.20-20211020.123254-3 to fix a specific issue with cljs.
  • Implement support to return to client LSP Errors, making user UX better since clojure-lsp can return specific errors for specific exceptions.


  • General
  • Improve intialization feedback report messages.
  • Consider dev and test alias for deps.edn projects as project-specs during classpath lookup. #586
  • Avoid scanning source-paths twice, as it was being considered as part of external classpath as well.
  • Change cache db from sqlite to datalevin for faster startup + better graalvm compatibility.
  • Make the cache analysis save async to make startup faster.
  • Support Auto refresh settings memoizing with a ttl of 1 second avoiding the need of restarting server when changing configs. #502
  • Bump clj-kondo adding new gen-class linter and other fixes/improvements. Fixes #589
  • Remove unused duplicate require if any. #527
  • Fix crash on clean-ns when ns contains comments.
  • Improve project analysis filter to check source-paths. #597

  • Editor

  • Add reference code lens for ns forms. #578
  • Fix expand-let bug that occurs when a list form precedes let. #590
  • Add new command to create test for function at point. #582
  • Add new code action to create test for current function/var
  • Add private to documentSymbol to make clear that a var or function is private.
  • Add new code action Suppress xxx diagnostic, adding clj-kondo comment code to ignore the diagnostic. #591
  • Add more semantic tokens: aliases for macros, variable and function definitions.
  • Add clojuredocs information during symbol hover. #571

This release was supported by Clojurists Together


  • Editor
  • Hot fix hover content wrong type hinting.


  • General
  • Use lower-case for refer/import/require sorting. #560 #561
  • Avoid removing comments when sorting/cleaning namespace. #559
  • Break lines when sorting refers along with then new :clean :sort :refer :max-line-length setting with a default of 80. #562
  • Deprecate lens-segregate-test-references in favor to :code-lens :segregate-test-references
  • Check for a default .cljfmt.edn config file for cljfmt config settings if no :cljfmt-config-path was provided. #563
  • Bump clj-kondo to 2021.09.25 fixing false-positives with potemkin import-var analysis.
  • Re-scan whole project if any clj-kondo config changed for better consistence. #331
  • Fix clojure-lsp not initializing when empty project.clj. #579
  • Support finding config in classpath via new setting:classpath-config-paths ["my-org/my-lib"]. #580

  • Editor

  • Fix resolve macro as code action after regression introduced recently.
  • Fix unused-public-var not being suppressed during project startup. #554
  • Improve hover feature to return elements when inside a function call. #569
  • Fix create-private-function command and code action to consider when new function is inside thread macros.
  • Support $/progress LSP feature, sending notifications for client when server is starting, improving the feedback for the user.
  • Improve semantic tokens support for java classes and methods.


  • Support renaming namespaces as well with rename feature.
  • Use relative paths instead of absolute paths on diff messages.
  • Add analyze-project! to analyze whole project only and cache analysis, useful for REPL usage for example.
  • Follow same exit status from clj-kondo for diagnostics feature. #572
  • Improve start project feedback reporting the percentage and specific message.

This release was supported by Clojurists Together


  • Editor
  • Rollback change on didChangeWatchedFiles for :change events, avoiding outdated changes overwriting newer changes.


  • General
  • Create .clj-kondo folder if not exists in project root. #528
  • Fix exception when :clojure-lsp/unused-public-var linter is :off. #546
  • Bump clj-kondo to 2021.08.07-20210903.210340-28 to fix a false-positive with potemkin.
  • Bump clj-kondo to 2021.08.07-20210909.131804-29 fixing issues with built-in clj-kondo cache not present on graalvm binaries. #548
  • Exclude cljs.test/deftest from unused public vars linter.
  • Migrate default db file from .lsp/sqlite.db to .lsp/.cache/sqlite.db, this is necessary as in the future we will replace sqlite with other db implementation, for users they just need to consider/gitignore the .lsp/.cache folder, this way any next change on db implementations or any other cache will not affect user.
  • Auto migrate existing .lsp/sqlite.db to new .lsp/.cache/sqlite.db to avoid unnecessary project re-scan.
  • Deprecates :sqlite-db-path in place of :cache-path.

  • Editor

  • Fix didChangeWatchedFiles to correctly create the file on server, properly change file content and re-scan with clj-kondo, or remove file analysis. This should improve LSP analysis reliability when changing files outside the editor. #536
  • Improve completion only showing valid local vars for current cursor.
  • Improve completion sorting adding priority to each item, showing most used symbols like variables and functions first before other completion items.


  • New diagnostics command, which return all diagnostics found by clojure-lsp (using clj-kondo). Check the API section for more details.

This release was supported by Clojurists Together


  • Hotfix java classes not present on jar, required for clojure-lsp downstreams.


  • General
  • Improve logging during startup for better troubleshooting.
  • Refactor allowing calls to clojure-lsp.main/run! for manually passing args, useful for lein-clojure-lsp for example.
  • Internal: Move graalvm configuration to sqlite-jdbc.
  • Recognize deftest as function definition form for refactoring features like extract-function.
  • Bump Graalvm from 21.1.0 to 21.2.0


  • Use clj-kondo custom lint for API as well, required for correct diagnostics API feature.

  • Editor

  • Fix regression, custom source-paths from initializationOptions were not being parsed correctly. #537

  • Documentation

  • New domain for documentation and webpage 🚀


  • General
  • Fix classpath scan when classpath has other things like new lines or warning message besides the classpath. Fixes #523
  • Improve clean-ns to remove empty reader conditionals(#?(:clj) or #?@(:clj []) on ns form) after cleaning requires/imports.
  • Fix clean-ns false-positives removals to cljc files when the alias/refer/import is being used inside a reader conditional.
  • Add new setting :linters :clj-kondo :ns-exclude-regex which allows exclude diagnostics/findings for namespaces matching that regex.
  • Fix merge of configs resolved for projects with multiple configurations in parent folders and subprojects.

  • Docs

  • Improved the settings docs with a new link to a file with all available clojure-lsp settings.


  • Fix clojure-lsp --version


  • General
  • Fix wrong parse of source-paths for bb.edn when :paths contains symbols not only strings. #507
  • Bump clj-kondo to fix a issue with clojure-lsp running in a lein process.

  • Editor

  • Fix find-definition in jars for cljc files where the var is available on both cljs and clj files. #509
  • Add clojure.core.async common vars to common-refers to be required via code action.
  • Remove diagnostics when files are deleted, properly cleaning server. #513
  • Don't add ns form to blank edn files. #515
  • Fix initializationOptions parsing for some clients. #516
  • Fix refactor 'add missing refer' when there is already that namespace with a alias but no refers.
  • Improve :notify-references-on-file-change performance and use-cases, still disabled by default for some time.

  • API

  • Rollback printing only via CLI to work with API as well. (can be disabled via :raw? option)
  • Support for release of lein-clojure-lsp


  • Bump clj-kondo to fix window path issues with analysis.
  • Fix issue with references code lens for vim.


  • Fix async project lint after startup for huge projects. #506
  • Fix :lint-project-files-after-startup? to be considered before clojure-lsp lint unusued public vars.
  • Fix excluded symbols for code lens, making clojure-lsp check clj-kondo config as well for the :clojure-lsp/unused-public-var excludes


  • General
  • Parse correctly unescaped URIs sent from clients like vim avoiding errors on some features.
  • Bump clj-kondo fixing analysis position issue with declare, making rename and other features work.
  • Don't use PowerShell profiles on Windows when analyzing classpath. Fixes
  • Support babashka classpath and source-paths discovery via bb.edn file. (needs babashka >= 0.5.1)

  • Editor

  • Add :hover :hide-file-location? settings option to disable displaying the source path on hover.
  • Use new clj-kondo :custom-lint-fn for the :unused-public-var, this should improve performance and give the ability to suppress unused vars via code with #_{:clj-kondo/ignore [:clojure-lsp/unused-public-var]} or #_:clj-kondo/ignore


  • General
  • Minor fix on the analysis queries comparison.
  • Improve GraalVM configuration to use direct/less configurations.
  • Bump clj-kondo 2021.06.18 -> 2021.07.28 which adds support for macroexpanding.

  • Editor

  • Fix outgoing/incoming call hierarchy when vars are outside project/external jars.
  • Fix completion of aliases without var names typed yet, for example: string/


  • Fix filename in diffs with dry option.
  • Add coloring to diffs following git diff.
  • Add ns-exclude-regex for commands that check whole project, allowing to exclude certain namespaces via regex.


  • General
  • clean-ns now sorts ns children forms according to the ClojureStyleGuide, at the moment moving require form before import form, enabled by default under flag :clean :sort :ns setting.
  • Improve startup error handler and logging during project analysis. Related to #484
  • Performance improvements using transducers on analysis queries.
  • Fixed auto-resolve source-paths for lein projects that get source-paths dynamically, clojure-lsp will use the default source-paths for these cases

  • Editor

  • Improve hover output, both markdown and plain text forms.
  • Allow calling thread-first/last and thread-first-all/last-all from within the list.
  • Improve resolve-macro-as messages and default excluded symbols.


  • Fix empty XDG_CONFIG_HOME not defaulting to $HOME/.config #474
  • Improve verbose logging setting.


  • Editor
  • Make semantic-tokens return no token for unknown symbols which has :clj-kondo/unknown-namespace on its analysis.
  • Fix file uri location when hovering a symbol.
  • Add reference code lens to keyword definitions, e.g. re-frame.core/reg-sub.
  • Add semantic-tokens debug information to cursor-info response.


  • Fix when ns form does not match filename. #466
  • Fix errors with project-root on graalvm binary
  • Improve API usage avoiding exceptions and returning just data instead.
  • Improve analysis cache to multiple API calls.
  • Add new --raw option allowing to display only raw data. Useful to integrate with other tools like reviewdog.


  • Add --verbose option for debugging purposes.
  • Fix usage as library parsing :exec-args correctly


  • General
  • Add :clean :sort settings option to disable sorting during clean-ns.
  • Add :keep value to :ns-indent-blocks-indentation setting to don't change indentation during clean-ns.
  • Deprecate in place of install new script.
  • Improve source paths discoverability for leiningen projects following the same rules as deps.edn projects. For more information, check the settings section.


  • Add --dry option to commands, useful to print only diffs instead of making changes.
  • Check the new setup-clojure-lsp Github Action to run clojure-lsp on CI.
  • Add format feature using cljfmt.
  • Now, every release is available in clojars as com.github.clojure-lsp/clojure-lsp.


  • Fix --project-path option for API.
  • Add --log-path option to API.


  • Fix find-references and references lens for defrecord.
  • Improve clean-ns refactoring following the Clojure style guide.
  • Fix clean-ns corner case issue where it would replace the :as value with the :refer value.
  • Deprecate :keep-require-at-start? in favor of :clean :ns-inner-blocks-indentation with default value of :next-line.
  • Bump org.xerial/sqlite-jdbc from 3.34.0 to 3.36.0.
  • Avoid adding duplicated namespace for new blank files.
  • Add API / CLI support, form more information check the API section.


  • Fix missing LSP 3.16 graalvm reflection configs. #452


  • Fix graalvm reflect config for LSP 3.16 protocol. #449
  • Use last definition when showing signature help. #446
  • Create 2 new LSP custom methods: clojure/serverInfo/raw and clojure/serverInfo/log deprecating old commands server-info and cursor-info, check the documentation for more information.
  • Add :final-settings to serverInfo methods. #450


  • Avoid removing whole require if unused refer but with used alias during clean-ns. #447
  • Bump cljfmt 0.7.0 -> 0.8.0. Fixes #266
  • Bump clj-kondo 2021.06.01 -> 2021.06.18


  • Improve source paths discoverability for deps.edn projects. Adds :source-aliases for customization. For more information, check the settings section.


  • Fix graalvm issue on completionItem InsertTextMode
  • Bump clj-kondo and rewrite-clj to latest releases.


  • Fix corner case error with project paths with spaces or other special characters. #437
  • Drastically improve didOpen performance, improving kondo findings parsing and making linting async avoiding blocking some editors. #435
  • Fix :auto-add-ns-to-new-files? flag always being considered as true. #436


  • Fix completion item kind of clojure core items. Fixes #426
  • Fix graalvm reflect config for SublimeText - #430
  • Improve code lens for segregated code lens when on test files.


  • Include non full qualified vars on unused-public-var exclude filter.
  • Improve hover documentation: use correct markdown for docstrings; remove unnecessary new lines; add link to filename location.
  • Rollback full text changes on last release and change approach for a temporary fix. #424


  • Quick fix full text changes to handle it sync for semantic tokens
  • Segregate main references from test references with option to disable via lens-segregate-test-references


  • Significantly improve the performance of workspace symbol filtering/searching. See relevant commit.
  • Always sort refers when clean-ns.
  • Add support for installing with homebrew on Linux.
  • Bump clj-kondo to 2021.04.24-20210426.144134-2 adding support for finding re-frame by keyword. Fixes #411
  • Fix find definition going to declare - Fixes #340
  • Remove common already known clojure macros from Resolve macro as code action.


  • Improve resolve-macro-as command to check and log if couldn't resolve the macro.
  • Improve workspace symbol filtering/searching. Now, the sole candidates shown are guaranteed to include all the characters contained in the filter/search string.
  • Add more tokens to semantic tokens: keywords, functions/var usages, java classes, local variables.
  • Bump Graalvm from 21.0.0 to 21.1.0
  • Bump clj-kondo to 2021.04.23 fixing some keywords corner cases.


  • Add common snippets on completion. Check all available snippets here.
  • Add support for custom snippets via :additional-snippets. Check here for more information. - Fixes #403
  • Bump lsp4j from 0.11.0 -> 0.12.0


  • Fix renaming keywords in cljc files producing duplicate edits.
  • After project startup, publish all project only diagnostics. This is a approach done by other LSPs to make work features like Project errors. Feature flag via lint-project-files-after-startup? with default true.
  • Add experimental support for aarch64 linux native binary
  • Fix formatting issues with a regression introduced on a previous release. - Fixes #339 and #396


  • Fix textDocument/workspaceSymbols filter not working on native binaries.
  • Report duplicate linters as default, can be disabled via :linters :clj-kondo :report-duplicates - Fixes #390
  • Bump rewrite-clj to 1.0.605-alpha to fix exceptions when on clojure files with babashka interpreter on first line.
  • Bump clj-kondo 2021.04.01-20210402.215253-6 to fix bug


  • Bump clj-londo 2021.03.22-20210327.192113-4 - Fixes #385
  • Add support for outgoing call hierarchy - Fixes #384
  • Improve and fix missing completion item kinds.


  • Bump clj-kondo 2021.03.22-20210324.110254-3 - Fixes #382
  • [graalvm] Fixes Unable to invoke no-args constructor for class org.eclipse.lsp4j.ShowDocumentCapabilities error.
  • Fix/enhance keyword rename - #383


  • Migrate from lein to deps.edn
  • Bump clj-kondo to 2021.03.22
  • Fix clean-ns sorting according to symbols not brackets - Fixes #380
  • Fix missing graalvm reflect config for CompletionItemTextEdit - Fixes #381


  • Add code action 'resolve macro as', it requires client to fill the chosen macro and clj-kondo config file.
  • Bump rewrite-clj to 1.0.594-alpha
  • Bump data.json to 2.0.1
  • Bump lsp4j to 0.11.0


  • Add support for diagnostic tags: deprecated and unnecessary.
  • Fix wrong textDocument/documentHighlight for function local-usages.
  • Use new clj-kondo copy-configs flag to copy hooks during lint.
  • Bunp clj-kondo to fix unused public linter check for :exclude-when-defined-by


  • Fix server not analyzing after a wrong code on cljs files - #367
  • Rollback incremental didChange adding a new :text-document-sync-kind setting with :full as default.


  • Fix completion inside refers, re-add support for it - Fixes #364
  • Change range of expression functions clj-kondo diagnostics to avoid collision with function signature.


  • Fix incremental didChange, debouncing distincting by uri, fixing some inconsistent file changes when multiple files are changed at same time (rename, iedit, etc).
  • Make unused-public-var ignore -main public functions.
  • Add :exclude-when-defined-by option to unused-public-var linter, check settings documentation for more information.


  • Fix clojure-lsp lint crash when analyzing specific macros with clj-kondo hooks.
  • Fix didChange for Nvim client.
  • Add new clojure-lsp linter: unused-public-var - Fixes #359
  • Add option to disable clj-kondo linter, check settings documentation for more details.


  • Bump clj-kondo fixing issues on require form not being analyzed.
  • Fix textDocument/workspaceSymbols to use the query sent by client.


  • Add support to complete full qualified namespaces - Fixes #337
  • Add :log-path setting to log to a custom file.
  • Avoid exception on code actions when on cljc reader macros - Related to #346


  • Improve clojure-lsp config search checking always home dir considering XDG_CONFIG_HOME and project root up to system root (/) - Fixes #339.
  • Handle incremental text changes on textDocument/didChange notifications following LSP protocol, improving performance for huge files.
  • Add clj-kondo version to --version and server-info.
  • Add new create private function code action.


  • Improve completion performance resolving the item only when documentation is requested
  • Add new thread first/last all code actions


  • Implement support for textDocument/signatureHelp - Fixes #324
  • Disable notify-references on didChange with a flag notify-references-on-change.
  • Fix completion not working when reader macro on file - Fixes #332


  • Fix duplicated symbols for cljc files on textDocument/documentSymbols - Fixes #328
  • Add namespace require when completing a unimported namespace - Fixes #309
  • Fix completion not working for cljc files


  • Fix completion of invalid clojure core (e.g. foo/) - Fixes #270


  • Allow find all references across the project of simple keywords
  • Allow specify custom sqlite.db location with sqlite-db-path, default to <project>/.lsp/sqlite.db


  • Removing false positive logs from invalid analysis from clj-kondo macro expand analysis
  • Fix call hierarchy when the reference was not open yet in the editor.
  • Smart re-analyze variable/function references when arguments of the definition were updated.
  • Rollback Macos native image compress until it works for MacOS Big Sur - #322


  • Bump clj-kondo to fix false-positive unresolved-vars
  • Prioritize project analysis on all analysis during find definition - Fixes #318
  • Compress native binaries with UPX decreasing binary size.


  • Fix completion issues with graalvm native linux binaries when completing local variables.
  • Fix completion exception when completing numbers - Fixes #310
  • Completion inside a require suggests all available namespaces
  • Change log pattern to /tmp/clojure-lsp.<TIMESTAMP>.out use default temp file. Should fix issues with permissions on tmp folder.


  • Fix auto add ns not working for projects.
  • New code action: Move to let
  • New code action: Change coll to map, list, set or vector


  • Fix config passed to clj-kondo during analysis - Fixes #308


  • Fix auto add ns to check project root and source paths
  • Add alias on copmletion items - Fix completion items for Calva client


  • Fix script - #304
  • Fix clojure-lsp re-analysing classpath when project contains a keyword starting with a number - #305
  • Allow clj-kondo to pick up config correctly in mono repos - #303


  • Make release's native binaries executable by default - #299
  • Improve completion removing the necessity to call completion/resolveItem - #292
  • New code action: Add suggested alias to namespaces - #302


  • Add support for keyword analysis (definition, references, completion, rename, hover)
  • Reduce jar and binaries size excluding some dependencies (Need to fix a lein issue yet)


  • Fix --version on graalvm native compiled binaries


  • Add integration tests to release process


  • Fix clojure-lsp embedded jar binary during release CI
  • Fix duplicate references on cljc files


  • Add to known requires - #291
  • Add manual System/gc after first classpath scan, it should decrease memory after the first startup
  • Add support for Windows GraalVM compiled native binary


  • Add native binaries for Linux and MacOS compiled with GraalVM #267 (Experimental)


  • Fix clj-kondo batch analysis when merging batchs - Fix #284


  • Fix missing printlng and avoid errors for next time (this was causing issues in clients like vim coc)


  • Fix document-symbol after #261 - Fixes #276
  • Reduce memory usage on startup batch analyzing classpath via clj-kondo. - Fixes #268


  • Do not remove document on textDocument/didClose, related to #264.
  • Fix default project-specs for shadow-cljs to use npx prefix.
  • Fix range of textDocument/hover for definition usages.
  • Fix completionItem/resolve broken after #261.


  • Remove references code-lens from deftest forms
  • Fix completion for alias ns from external deps - Fixes #269


Huge refactor which uses clj-kondo analysis/ findings output to almost all clojure-lsp features.

  • Should significantly increase performance and startup time
  • Should fix almost all bugs/issues with windows Users since we now rely on clj-kondo analysis
  • Remove all lint configs from clojure-lsp including macro-defs, they should be configured on clj-kondo side now via .clj-kondo/config.edn
  • Move file path on documentation to bottom


  • Fixes args for extract-function refactoring - Fixes #263


  • Check for defintions when finding references with includeDeclaration as true - Fixes #260
  • Add custom command cursor-info to debugging clojure-lsp.
  • Fix unnecessary new-lines on imports when executing clean-ns


  • Check for the whole line to add-miising-* code actions instead of expect the cursor at the ns to be required/imported - Fixes #258
  • Return all possible add-missing-* code actions to the same line.


  • Fix add missing import code actions after refactor


  • Fixes #208


  • LSP 3.16: Add support for codeAction/resolve improving performance if client supports it
  • Bump extend lib
  • [CI] Remove auto release, next releases should contain more than one PR/fix

Last update: December 7, 2021