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What is clojure-lsp API?#

clojure-lsp is commonly used in a text editor during code development, but since it knows and have all necessary features to handle clojure code, it's the ideal/reliable tool to manage your code outside the editor as well via multiple ways.

It has its own API containing the main features that can be used as:

  • API (JVM): Use from your REPL or any other library that wants to leverage clojure-lsp features programatically.

  • CLI: Use from your terminal as a tool to format, clean, check diagnostics from clojure-lsp executable directly.

  • CI: Need to check if your code is formatted/clean/doesn't contain any lint errors after push? Use it in your CI.

  • Lein plugin: Use all CLI features but without the need to install it on your machine, using directly as a leiningen plugin.

  • Babashka pod: Use clojure-lsp as a babashka pod for your bb program.


clojure-lsp will check for .lsp/config.edn in the project or home dir, but it's possible to force override the settings via the :settings option of the API or --settings option of the CLI.

For all available settings, check the settings documentation.

Last update: July 7, 2024